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From the Border to the Nation: BNHR Convenes Regional Leaders, Elected Officials in New Ellis Island Virtual Border Policy Summit

Experts from the region gather to discuss solutions and the path forward for the southern border and the broken immigration system. Contact:Alia El-Assar|alia@communicationsshop.us WHAT: New Ellis Island (NEI) Virtual Border Policy Summit. Press will...

BNHR Statement on the Re-Introduction of the Homeland Security Improvement Act

“The re-introduction of this legislation is one of the first steps to building the New Ellis Island at our southern border, and we support Congresswoman Escobar’s efforts to bring oversight and accountability to border enforcement. We urge Congress to act in the best interest of our communities, economy, and nation as a whole and pass this bill.”

On Thursday, April 15, the New Ellis Island Border Policy Group convened dozens of stakeholders in a meeting with Anna Hinken, Senior Engagement Liaison at DHS, to facilitate ongoing dialogue on border communities’ major concerns as the Biden administration works to fix the broken immigration system and build a more just and humane border.