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The American experiment began with immigrants. Immigrants built our country. Contrary to the lies continually perpetrated over the years, immigrants are innovated, entrepreneurial, and FILL jobs that Americans cannot or will not fill and are not a drain on government finances. Immigrants pay more in taxes during their lifetimes than they ever collected in government services. Five million immigrants were the essential workers that kept this nation safe, healthy, and fed at great personal risks during the pandemic and were all but forgotten and ignored.

But immigrant opponents continue with their tired, recycled, and ridiculous lies. What is happening at our borders is part of a larger problem. What we have is a humanitarian crisis – NOT a “crisis at the border.” The previous administration all but systematically destroyed the infrastructure in the refugee and asylum systems in the last four years. What’s happening at our borders today directly results from the militarization of the border. The difficulties they make for asylum seekers is only creating and empowering the business of smugglers and coyotes. So while visits made to our border by immigrant opponents feign concern, they are in reality the cause for the atrocities they pretend to denounce. When the Trump administration all but blocked asylum and other legal immigration avenues, immigrants are forced to turn to smuggling organizations to cross the border because they could no longer surrender to U.S. border officials and request asylum, which is their legal right under U.S. and international law. This administration needs to invest in asylum officers, asylum judges to expedite the process of the children and families. Resources need to go into the creation of welcoming centers where we can surround the families with services, access to healthcare, and access to legal support.

As BNHR continues to work humanely with migrants, we continue to raise our voices until Congress acts on a complete immigration reformation and the 11 million already in the United States pass a pathway to legalization. To do this we need your support. Your financial support will help BNHR continue to provide basic resources to the children and families. Often asylum seekers are held all day in processing centers without food.The border is the New Ellis Island, and our policy decisions in the coming years will determine if the U.S. will remain a beacon of hope and freedom as it did for millions of immigrants more than a century ago, or become a place of fear and hatred in decades to come. The time to act is NOW.


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