Read The Fine Print On Gov. Suana Martinez’s Driver’s License Plan

Photo courtesy of Robotclaw666 on Flickr

If you take a close look at the letter that Gov. Susana Martinez sent to 10,000 foreign nationals living in New Mexico this month, you will find something odd. The now-infamous letter states that the recipient must reverify residency and identity within thirty days or face cancellation of their New Mexico driver’s license. But the letter also states that “the cancellation of a license is without prejudice and application for a new license may be made at any time after cancellation.”

This provision makes the entire program, the time and money spent by workers and families in New Mexico, and the time and revenue spent by state departments in enforcing it, a complete waste.

Why would the governor spend so much time and taxpayer money on a program that is useless?

The answer is simple. The governor has made repeated threats in the media that she intends to repeal the common-sense 2003 law that allows immigrants to drive. She claims New Mexico residents support this agenda.

The governor is using this address reverification program to pad the numbers in support her real intention: repealing the common-sense driver’s license law. The address reverification program is just part of the political agenda she plans to push in the special session in September.

Meanwhile, hardworking New Mexico families are being singled out for identity checks and New Mexico taxpayers are paying to fund the governor’s agenda.

New Mexico can do better.

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