Press statement about the Texas Caravan


Lori Stafford, Welcoming Immigrants Network, Dallas, Texas, (214) 649.2233,

Louie Gilot, Border Network for Human Rights, El Paso, Texas, (915) 217-3621,

**Press Advisory**


More than 300 people, including 40 El Pasoans, to travel 28 hours by bus to join thousands in national rally on the Nation Mall March 21

More than 300 Texans from El Paso, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley will congregate in Dallas on Friday to board 5 buses and three passenger vans for a long trip to the nation’s capital. The participants will join tens of thousands of others from all around the nation for a massive rally Sunday, March 21, in Washington, D.C. The rally, called March for America, aims to remind the government and Congress of the dire need for comprehensive immigration reform and to ask that our elected officials show leadership on this important issue.

The organizer of the Texas Caravan for America is the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), a statewide, multi-sector effort to build support for immigration reform and give Texas a voice in the ongoing debate. (El Paso’s Border Network for Human Rights is a founding member of RITA.) RITA members, including DREAM Act students, will march on Washington, D.C., to demand immigration reform and economic justice for all Americans. RITA’s vision of reform includes immigrants and native-born U.S. citizens working shoulder to shoulder to achieve better wages, working conditions, and labor protections, and of an American that’s back to work, with a fair balance between Main Street and Wall Street.

“We will come together as one voice on the National Mall for a strong America – for families, for workers, for businesses, and for security,” said Adriana Cadena, RITA Coordinator and Director of Alliances at the Border Network for Human Rights in El Paso.


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