Petition: STOP all Immigration Raids within Border and Immigrant Communities NOW!!

We demand that Immigration Law Enforcement authorities and the U.S. Administration immediately STOP all immigration actions and raids within our border and immigrant communities during this time of global health crisis and 2020 census count.

In recent weeks our communities have experienced unprecedented immigration raids, while at the same time living with the threat of COVID-19 spreading at an alarming rate.

Also, this immigration enforcement action in our border region happened at a time when families in the area are being counted, as part of the 2020 Census, during a global health pandemic.

Our democracy depends on universal inclusion 

We fear and know that the immigration raids will contribute to people not participating civically in the 2020 Census count. 

The voices of immigrant and border communities are crucial to a fair, accurate, and complete count ensuring all communities receive funds and representation they deserve from local, state, and federal entities when decisions are based on Census data. If people are scared off from participating in the Census, resulting data will lead to further inequalities throughout the country. Our democracy is at stake.

A global pandemic is no time for unfair raids

We fear and know the immigration raids will lead to immigrants being afraid to drive to clinics or hospitals in case a health issue arises within their families. During the coronavirus pandemic, this is extremely concerning and dangerous. 

No family should have to choose between their health and their freedom, and persecuting immigrants when we should band together as a country to fight this awful virus is a misdirected focus with potentially disastrous results. 

Raids impact small businesses and our economy

Immigration raids have impacted many small businesses in the El Paso, Texas area and beyond, and we can foresee increasing damage to already vulnerable communities. These small businesses help keep our economy running in a time of global challenges. 

Click here to sign this petition to demand that DHS and ICE STOP all immigration enforcement actions and raids within our communities immediately.  Raise your voice and join us in support of border residents and immigrant families. 

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