Over 800 BNHR Members Meet With State And National Human Rights Leaders

Activists Will March, Celebrate & Set Human Rights Priorities For Border Communities

(EL PASO, Texas) — BNHR has been fighting for human rights on the border, particularly immigration reform, for 13 years. With the backdrop of President Obama’s renewed push for immigration reform here on Tuesday, more than 800 BNHR members will gather for a First Congreso to set the human rights agenda in border communities in Texas and New Mexico.

For almost a decade, BNHR members have gathered at an Annual Assembly where they decide the direction of the organization for the next year. However; this year, given that BNHR’s reach has grown in Texas and the U.S., the organization hold a First Congreso. Guests will include local political, legal and community leaders as well as representatives from national human rights advocacy groups. Representatives from Austin, Dallas, the Texas Valley and Fort Worth will attend the Congreso.

This First Congreso will be a space where BNHR members will come together to shape policy priorities in light of President Obama’s remarks here on Tuesday, state-based immigration laws that both Texas and New Mexico Legislatures have considered, the lack of Federal action on comprehensive immigration reform, and the increasingly harsh enforcement along our Border.

Our border community has grown to be considered one of the top places for immigrant integration according to a National League of Cities report. We are proud to have played a role in the formation of a society that respects the value of all sectors of our population. And on Saturday, more than 800 people representing a total membership of more than 4,000 will shape what is to come next.

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