KFOX on Arizona boycott

El Paso Leader To Ask For Boycott Of Arizona

Daniel Novick-KFOX News Weekend Anchor/Reporter

Posted: 5:30 pm MDT May 2, 2010Updated: 8:50 pm MDT May 2, 2010

EL PASO, Texas — At least one El Paso County Commissioner is asking the county and all El Pasoans to boycott Arizona, as the fallout continues over the controversial Arizona immigration bill.”It’s showing that we’re not in favor of the immigration reform that has passed in Arizona,” said Commissioner Willie Gandara.On Monday, Gandara will ask his fellow commissioners to pass a three page resolution condemning the Arizona law.”To halt any business that we have in Arizona and I’m also asking residents in El Paso, or anybody doing business in Arizona, if at all possible to stop that,” Gandara told KFOX.The resolution not only asks the county to limit any business dealings with Arizona, but also encourages all residents to boycott business dealings with companies based in Arizona and travel to Arizona until the bill is repealed.”Where you actually hurt Arizona is in the pocketbook,” said Gandara. “They’re going to have to really look at this bill and repeal it.”The El Paso Commissioners Court meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. on Monday.

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