Hundreds Gather In Mesilla Plaza Tell Senators to Reject An Anti-Immigrant Agenda in New Mexico

(LAS CRUCES, New Mexico) — Holding photos of their children and families, hundreds of southern New Mexico residents gathered in the Plaza in Old Mesilla Monday to tell Sens. Steve Fischmann and Mary Kay Papen that enough is enough.

“She keeps talking about terrorists getting fake licenses,” said Araceli Alvarado, of Las Cruces, of Gov. Susana Martinez. “But I’m not a terrorist. My license isn’t fake. I’m a mom and I have to drive my kids to school.”

The governor has been pushing an agenda based on fear in the state. And today, hundreds of constituents from Districts 37 and 38 told the senators to stand on principle.

“Any vote to repeal the law is a vote for radical, right-wing, tea party politics,” said Jose Manuel Escobedo, Policy Director of BNHR. “A vote for repeal is not based on what is best for the state, but based on the politics that rile up the governor’s base.”

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