Hugs not Walls is an annual event that brings together families from the United States and Mexico that have not seen each other in many years due to the broken immigration system.

Participants are reunited for five minutes down in the Rio Grand, where they finally have the opportunity to embrace their nephews, grand children, brothers, parents, husbands, and other loved ones.

We recently held the sixth Hugs not Walls event, which you can read about here.

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#HugsnotWalls is full of compassion, love, and values, and it shows the world what America is really about. It is a powerful protest against racism, xenophobia and discrimination as well as a call to fix the broken immigration system.

Please join our struggle in defense of the most vulnerable border communities by donating to our GoFundMe campaign, every bit of help counts!

Stories of Reunification


“My daughter’s name is Gabriela, she is 5 years old and she was a year old when she saw her daddy for the last time. Even though they talk by phone, thanks to this event, she was able to meet him in person and hug him; she hadn’t remembered the last time that happened. The situation was always very difficult for her because her older sisters were able to go visit their dad and she was always asking, why can’t I?” – Laura Murillo, Gabriela’s mother.


“I hadn’t seen my daughter in seven years, so I was really happy and excited to see her, but my heart is still missing two pieces because I have another daughter in Washington and one more in Colorado. I can’t see them because I can’t travel, but yesterday was a very special and happy day and I am very grateful for all of you and with God for making this possible. I will be eternally grateful.” – Policarpio Duran.


Policarpio Duran


“I had not seen my parents in 22 years and thanks to Hugs Not Walls, I was able to do it. I really can’t find the right words to express how grateful I am for this… it was very exciting, thank you very much.” – Ofelia Arcos.


OfelIa Arcos