Border Network for Human Rights se complace en anunciar su SEXTO evento de #AbrazosNoMuros #HugsNotWalls. Para poder participar necesitamos que venga en persona a registrarse al 2115 N. Piedras Street en El Paso Texas, pregunte por Gabriela Castaneda. Se le pedira informacion de: Nombre, Direccion, telefono de todos los que van a participar, tanto de los que viven en Estados Unidos como de los que viven en cualquier parte de la republica mexicana. Si usted vive en el interior de Estados Unidos puede registrarse por telefono llamando al numero (915) 577-0724 o al (915) 494-4213 en los horarios de 9:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. (MST) horario de El Paso.
Border Network for Human Rights is pleased to announce its SIXTH #AbrazosNoMuros #HugsNotWalls event. If you wish to participate and this will be your first time attending the event, we need you to come in person to register at 2115 N. Piedras Street in El Paso Texas, ask for Gabriela Castaneda. You will be asked to bring the following information: Name, Address, telephone number of all who will participate, both, those who live in the United States and those who live in any part of the Mexican Republic. If you live in the interior of the United States you can register by phone by calling the number (915) 577-0724 or (915) 494-4213 in the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (MST) El Paso time. 


Stories of Reunification

‘Her name is Gabriela, she is 5 years old, she was only 1 when she saw her daddy for the last time, even though they talk by phone, thanks to this event, she was able to meet him in person and hug him, she didn’t remembered him doing that. The situation was very difficult because her older sisters were able to go visit their dad and she was always asking, why I can’t?’ Laura Murillo- Gabriela’s mother.

Laura Murillo

‘This is the picture with one of my daughters, I had not seen her in 7 years, I was really happy and excited, but my heart is still missing two pieces, because I have another daughter in Washington and one more in Colorado and I can’t see them because I can’t travel, but yesterday was a very special and happy day and I am very grateful with all of you and with God for making this possible, I will be eternally grateful’ – Policarpio Duran.


Policarpio Duran

‘My name is Ofelia Arcos, I had not seen my parents in 22 years and thanks to Hugs Not Walls, I was able to do it, I really can’t find the right words to express how grateful I am for this… it was very exciting, thank you very much’-Ofelia Arcos.

OfelIa Arcos