Border Residents to hold Vigil and Rally at Tornillo for Our Children and Our Dignity

Car Caravan will meet at BNHR Offices at 9:00 am and will travel to Tornillo, TX for Vigil and Rally from 10-11 am


WHAT: Vigil and Rally for Our Children and Our Dignity


WHEN: Caravan will meet on Saturday, October 6 at 9:00 am at BNHR Offices (2115 N. Piedras St, El Paso, TX 79930)


WHERE: Rally will take place at Tornillo-Guadalupe Toll Plaza: M.F. Aguilera Rd, Tornillo, TX 79853 from 10-11 am


El Paso, TX/Southern New Mexico. – Border Network for Human Rights and dozens of border residents will continue denouncing the inhumane incarceration and separation of children from their families with a vigil and rally at Tornillo, TX on Saturday, October 6th. The Trump administration has lied to us about closing this detention center, and instead expanded it to hold thousands more children.

Children are most vulnerable when they are separated from their parents, the people supposed to protect them from any harm. They do not understand why strangers in uniforms are forcing them apart or laws being stretched to justify their suffering. But, we understand. We understand that the suffering of these children and families is to make them examples of this administration’s dirty politics and hateful, anti-immigrant agenda.

The longer these kids sit in these concentration camps, the more of their dignity and hope they lose, the more irreparable trauma inflicted. As a country that boasts of respecting human rights and of valuing family unity, we cannot continue failing to protect the most vulnerable, let alone deny them their right to a better life. On behalf of these kids, let us remember that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were the values for which our founding fathers fought.

For more information contact Gabriela Castaneda at (915) 494-4213.

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