Press conference to announce #ElPasoFirme Music Fest

WHEN: September 5, 2019 – 1 pm (MST)

WHERE: BNHR Offices, 2115 N. Piedras Street, El Paso TX

WHO:  Hosted by Border Network for Human Rights, Raíces, NDLON, and Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), Co-Sponsored by La Mujer Obrera, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Texas Freedom Network, Mexicanos en Exilio, ACLU of Texas, Diocesan & Migrant Refugee Services, Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe,  Coalition to End Child Detention, Centro de Los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos, State of Mind, Stand with El Paso, Usual Suspects.

El Paso, TX- On Thursday, September 5th, Border Network for Human Rights, along with other regional and local organizations, will formally announce #ElPasoFirme Music Fest and Call-to-Action against white supremacy. Following the August 3rd violent mass shooting, there has been extraordinary support and response to the border communities, but also to local, regional and national organizations that led to the creation of #ElPasoFirme campaign.

The September 7th #ElPasoFirme Music Fest and Call-to-Action will be one of many events aiming to raise the profile of El Paso as a welcoming city that celebrates immigrants and refugees and respects border traditions as a way of life.  The festival will include performances from several artists, including Grammy-Award winning La Santa Cecilia from Los Angeles.  Puerto Rican-born René Pérez, better known as Residente from the Calle 13 Band, will be speaking at the event, which is expected to be the biggest gathering against white supremacy in El Paso since the shooting that killed 22 people a month ago.

Other artists include Rebeca Lane from Guatemala/ Los Angeles, Cuco, a 19-year-old Mexican American; Ana Tijoux, a French-Chilean musician who became famous in Latin America as the MC of hip-hop group Makiza; Los Frontera from Ciudad Juarez. “The massacre was fueled by a climate of hatred and anti-immigrant bigotry that has nothing to do with [the] city.  Through our collective action, we are standing up to hate and armed violence”, “said Fernando Garcia, Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR). 

BNHR, along with its partnering organizations, will also announce a series of actions with communities nationwide, that will be kicking-off with the #ElPasoFirme Music Fest.


About BNHR:

The Border Network for Human Rights general purpose is to facilitate the education, the organizing and the participation of marginalized border communities to defend and promote human and civil rights; to the end that these communities work to create political, economic, and social conditions where every human being is equal in dignity and rights.

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