Dozens of Border Residents Protest Border Surge

Obama’s Policy to Further Militarize our Border to Detain and Deport Children is not a Good Policy


El Paso, TX/Southern New Mexico- On July 10th dozens of border residents will march, then gather at the DHS Office in El Paso Texas to protest against the detention of hundreds of families and children.

Obama’s decision to beef up border enforcement in Texas (Border Surge) to detain and to deport children horrifically ignores that those families and those children are either fleeing violence in their countries of origin or just trying to reunify with family members.

What: Border Residents Protest Obama’s Border Surge with a March and Rally

When: On Thursday July 10th

MARCH STARTING at 9:15 a.m. at Edgemere Park

(Corner of Edgemere and Sunburst Street)

PROTEST at DHS Office at 1545 Hawkins Street

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