Day of the Dead Procession and Vigil at the Border

Remembering Migrant Deaths at the Border due to Failed Border and Immigration Policies

  • Friday, November 1, 2013
  • Starting at 4:00 pm at Delta Dr. and San Marcial
  • Between Chamizal Park and Bowie High School

El Paso TX – Southern New Mexico – The Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR), a human rights organization in El Paso, TX and Southern New Mexico with more than 15 years organizing communities, will hold its 8th annual commemoration of the Day of the Dead, with a procession and vigil at the border, on November 1st.

On 2012, there were 477 deaths reported by Border Patrol. Since 1998 nearly 6,000 immigrants have died at the border desperately seeking to reunite with their family members. There are two main reasons why people keep dying at this high rate. The first is due to irresponsible and inhuman border operations like “Hold the Line” in El Paso and “Gatekeeper” in San Diego that aim to divert immigration flows to far, dangerous, and isolated areas of the US/Mexico border where immigrants in distress find no help. The second reason relates to the lack of accountability and transparency of the Border Patrol in the use of lethal force towards border crossers and residents.

The US government, including Congress and Administration, has failed to fix our broken immigration system and pass and implement comprehensive and rational immigration reform. Instead, the immigration debate has been high jacked by a small group of extremists such as the tea party who promote a false narrative of mayhem and chaos at border.

Border Network for Human Rights believes that immigration reform is part of the solution to stop migrant deaths. We should work together to have better and humane border policies that bring immigrants and their families out of the shadows and promotes an accountable and humane border.

On November 1st we expect more than 200 people in procession on Delta Dr., right at the border highway, carrying candles, crosses and coffins remembering our migrant deaths, The procession will end at Delta and Cypress, where the vigil will be held to honor and to commemorate those who have died in their attempt to reach the American Dream.

*Visuals: coffins, candles, crosses, pictures of people that have died at the dessert.

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