There are many ways you can help advance human rights and make your community a better place to live.

Taking the time to vote in National and local elections is an important responsibility for all citizens.  Find everything you need to know about dates, polling locations, and a sample ballot here or here.

Attend Human Rights Committees

To learn about your rights, join a human rights committee. If you live in El Paso or Las Cruces, we likely have one close to you.

To become a member and learn more, give us a call at (915) 577-0724.

Attend Community Meetings.

Make your voice heard in your community.  City Council meetings have open comment periods, and you can find the meeting calendars for El Paso and Las Cruces here.  Town halls for your elected officials and community forums are an opportunity to share your concerns and ideas.

Contact Your Representatives.

Congress members are elected to represent the people of their state and district.  Let them know what is important to you You can contact your elected Congress men and women and view their voting record here.