Community Procession and Gathering to Remember Migrant Deaths at the Border and Disappeared Mexican Students in Mexico

Border Residents Condemn Institutional Violence that Kills Migrants and Disappears Students

El Paso, TX/Southern New Mexico. On Saturday November 1st, the traditional day to commemorate the death, dozens of El Paso and Southern New Mexico residents will participate in a procession and vigil to remember those migrants that have died while crossing the US/Mexico Border and to bring attention to the grave situation in Mexico where students have being killed and disappeared.

Based on most conservative data almost 10,000 migrants, mostly from Mexico and Central America, have died while crossing the U.S. Mexico Border. It has become clear these deaths are neither circumstantial nor purely accidental, but due to ill-conceived US border enforcement strategies and operations that divert immigration flows from populated metropolitan areas to isolated regions of the border. Border operations such as Hold the Line in El Paso Sector of the Border Patrol and Gatekeeper in the San Diego Sector push migrant crossers into far away deserts, mountains and rivers where they are exposed to the dangers of dehydration, drowning and hypothermia throughout the year.

Meanwhile, in Mexico 43 students from the southern State of Guerrero remained disappeared due to the climate of uncontrollable institutional violence exerted against all Mexicans, but specifically towards social activists opposing government policies or raising economic, social and political issues.

Day of the Dead Procession and Candlelight Vigil

Saturday November 1st at Armijo Park (710 E. 7th St)
Starting at 4:45 P.M.

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