Coming Soon To Texas: Arizona Copycat Law

After passing SB 1070, Arizona suffered the consequences of a bad law and bad ideas. The state became synonymous with xenophobia. Boycotts cost Arizona over $490 million and counting. The law has consistently lost legal challenges based on the fact that it violates the Constitution of the U.S.

And on Friday, Texas lawmakers will decide if our state should adopt an Arizona copycat law. Does that make any sense?

No rational Texan can believe that it does.

House Bill 12 would divert law enforcement away from their real job: keeping Texas communities safe. Instead the law would turn them into ICE agents compelled to say to detained individuals, “your papers, please.”

We believe Texas can do better than Arizona. We stand with sheriffs and police chiefs across the state who say this law would keep them from doing their real job – keeping Texans safe. We stand with faith and community leaders who say this law would divide their communities and violate their beliefs. We stand with local taxpayers who cannot afford a law that is impossible to fund.

This week, Texas lawmakers will decide if our state should join Arizona on their costly, dead-end road.

We oppose HB 12 because it would undermine public safety by diverting limited police resources away from protecting the public against serious crime and it would discourage many victims and witnesses from helping the police.

FACT: HB 12 is opposed by nearly ALL law enforcement leaders in Texas. Do you trust that they know the best way to keep communities safe?

If HB 12 is meant to keep Texans safe, it just isn’t going to accomplish that. We can do better.

RITA opposes HB 12. Where do you stand?


Who represents me? (via Texas House of Representatives website)

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