Abuse Documentation



About the Campaign

The Abuse Documentation Campaign has been spearheaded by BNHR for over two decades and has grown into an annual initiative dedicated to collecting and documenting cases of abuse, harassment, and civil and human rights violations carried out by local, state, and federal law enforcement.

This campaign is a confidential and secure vehicle for victims to report any abuses and violations of civil and human rights, hold perpetrators legally accountable, and advocate for systemic solutions to prevent future incidents.

BNHR is committed to this campaign because otherwise this level of abuse would go unnoticed and unpunished. Through this campaign, we are sending a very disturbing and clear message about the harassment and intimidation that people in the U.S.-Mexico border region and migrants in transit have been facing for decades.


The State of Human & Civil Rights in Mexico

In 2022, the BNHR expanded its monitoring and outreach to report complaints on high-activity migration routes along the U.S.-Mexico border, migrants in transit in Mexico, and persons deported by U.S. immigration and other law enforcement agencies.

This year, the BNHR broadened the scope of the campaign to document civil and human rights abuse cases in Mexico from communities of color, marginalized groups, migrants in transit, and those deported by U.S. immigration officials and other law enforcement agents with the coordination of grassroots human rights organizations in Mexico.

At a Glance

Read our preliminary report below!