BNHR statement, Re: Arizona


Louie Gilot

Policy Director

Border Network for Human Rights

(915) 274-0541

**Statement, Re: Anti-Immigrant bill in Arizona**

El Paso, TX –The Border Network for Human Rights, an 11-year-old community organizing group with about 4,000 members in El Paso and Southern New Mexico, wishes to release the following statement regarding the anti-immigrant bill scheduled for an Arizona Senate vote Monday. The BNHR has years of experience fighting unfair and inhumane immigration laws and practices and is extremely concerned by Arizona’s latest legislative assault on immigrants and those who work with them.

“This type of assault against immigrant workers and communities at the state level is evidence of a lack of leadership at the federal level. It is the responsibility of the federal government to create a safe and orderly way for workers to meet the employers who need them. This is why we are in urgent need of comprehensive immigration reform. Any minute we delay is a window of opportunity for states like Arizona to introduce short-sighted legislation that hurt families and degrade our Constitution. We urge Americans to get involved with, push back anti-immigrant forces and support immigration reform that’s fair for all.”

The statement can be attributed to BNHR Executive Director Fernando Garcia.

Thank you.


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