BNHR sign-on Community Letter Rejecting Children Detention and Family Separation

June 19th, 2018

Atty. Gen. Jefferson Sessions
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington D.C. 20530-0001

Secretary Kristjen M. Nielsen
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington D.C. 20528

Secretary Alex M. Azar
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Ave. SW
Washington D.C. 20201

Dear Attorney General Sessions, Secretary Nielsen, and Secretary Azar,

We the undersigned—more than 970 organizations, elected officials, faith leaders, scholars, businesspeople, and concerned Americans, residents of El Paso, Las Cruces, and the borderlands of West Texas and Southern New Mexico, and communities across this country—write to express our stern disapproval for the deeply immoral ways this Administration is treating immigrant families. These are our fellow human beings and we cannot bear seeing them treated in such a cruel and callous manner.

We cannot bear seeing parents, arrived at this country to seek asylum, torn from their children in a heartless attempt to enforce ‘deterrence’. This is nothing more than inflicting trauma on children and parents at a massive and grotesque scale.

We do not accept the subsequent mass incarceration of immigrant children, which follows from those separations, as policy of our country. Internment camps of hundreds or thousands of children, whether next to the port-of-entry in Tornillo, Texas, in the desert of Fort Bliss in Southern New Mexico, or in any other location, are a heinous demonstration of the willingness of your government to force the most vulnerable among us to suffer to achieve your goals. Our children cannot live in cages, no matter how gilded those cages may be.

We cannot tolerate people coming to our ports-of-entry seeking asylum, doing things the right and legal way, and getting turned back in a clear violation of American law and values. It is shocking, shameful, and profoundly unsettling to see this government so blatantly assault the ideals America presents to the world as a refuge from violence, want, torture, and suffering.

We cannot sit idly by as your work condemns tens of thousands of people to lives, in a usage that stretches the concept of life, of incarcerated misery on the fringes of our communities. Immigration detention is expressly, by law, to be non-punitive. Yet, the stories we hear from detention are of food infested with bugs, guards who taunt, assault, and abuse, pregnant women who miscarry because they lack adequate access to medical care.

We cannot stand the criminalization of immigrants, the degradation of our friends and neighbors, our classmates and co-parishioners, our parents and siblings, the dehumanization of ourselves. There is nothing about this that advances public safety or improves our collective wellbeing.

We cannot endure the further militarization of our border, which offends our friends and neighbors, drives people who come seeking opportunity to their deaths, and which threatens our own dignity, rights, even our lives. We have intensified enforcement for decades, with no accompanying investment in oversight and accountability, and our communities, American communities, have suffered with little accomplishment to show for our trials and tribulations.

We are calling on you to take the right decision, the moral decision, the American decision, and

I. Act immediately to stop the detention and incarceration of migrant children at the border and elsewhere in the United States. Refrain from using the Tornillo Port-of-Entry and Fort Bliss for the mass incarceration of immigrant children.

2. Put an immediate stop to family separation such that parents and children are reunited and allowed to pursue their claims outside of detention.

3. Cease and desist from turnbacks of asylum seekers so that the fear expressed by all who seek asylum is recognized, respected, and granted due process.

4. Stop mass detention of migrants and allow these people who pose no threat to our society to live lives befitting our fellow human beings, free from cages.

5. Be lenient and aim always to advance a respect for the decency of every human and that core notion of equal justice for all over rote and destructive adherences to small-minded outlooks and worldviews.

6. Stop militarizing our border and instead embrace the ties that bind America to the rest of the world.

If you, and the Trump Administration, persist in these abhorrent actions against children and immigrant families, we will oppose you, we will resist you, we will fight you. We will not let you do these things in our home. We will not let you do these things in our country. These actions run against fundamental American laws and values, and we will never submit to a world where this is acceptable.

It is no accident that we write you this letter on Juneteenth, a holiday that celebrates freedom from bondage, that uplifts human liberation for all, and reminds us what emancipation has offered our society. We are Americans, committed to a country where all people are equal in dignity and rights. And, even if it takes every fiber of our beings, we will overcome your grave injustices.

[cc: Office of Cong. Beto O’Rourke, Office of Cong. Will Hurd, Office of Cong. Steve Pearce, Office of Sen. Tom Udall, Office of Sen. Martin Heinrich, Office of Sen. John Cornyn, Office of Sen. Ted Cruz, Office of Speaker Paul Ryan, Office of House Min. Leader Nancy Pelosi, Office of Senate Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell, Office of Senate Min. Leader Chuck Schumer, El Paso Border Patrol Sector, CBP-OFO El Paso Field Office, ICE El Paso Field Office]


Fernando Garcia
Executive Director
Border Network for Human Rights
El Paso, Texas

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Elected Officials
Joseph Moody
State Representative District 78
Texas House of Representatives
El Paso County, Texas

Mary E. Gonzalez
State Representative District 75
Texas House of Representatives
El Paso County, Texas

Bill McCamley
State Representative District 33
New Mexico House of Representatives
Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Ruben John Vogt
County Judge
El Paso County, Texas

John Ferguson
Presidio, Texas

Billy G. Garrett
Commissioner, District 1
Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Gabe Vasquez
City Councilor, District 3
City of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Alexandra Annello
City Representative, District 2
City of El Paso, Texas

Organizations and Allies
National Nurses United and
National Nurses Organizing Committee—Texas
Sandra Paola López Ramírez
Co-Founder and Director
Institute for Improvisation and Social Action
El Paso, Texas

Education Not Deportation University of Texas at El Paso
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharris
Co-Director of the Kairos Center
New York City

Christina Dominguez
La Semilla Food Center
Anthony, NM

Peter Clark
Indigenous Rights Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our Revolution
El Paso, Texas
Juliana Lopez
Interim Chair
Youth Advisory Committee
Senate District 29
El Paso, Hudspeth, Culberson, Presidio, and
Jeff Davis Counties, Texas

Mariposa Fund
Albuquerque, NM

Lidia Cruz
Community Organizer
Labor Justice Committee
El Paso, Texas

Dona Kim Murphey, MD PhD
Co-Founder and Chair
Pantsuit Republic
Houston, Texas

Carlos Marentes
Border Agricultural Workers Project
El Paso, Texas

Melissa Lopez
Executive Director and Attorney
Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services
El Paso, Texas

Linda Rivas
Executive Director
Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center
El Paso, Texas

Kenneth J. Ferrone
Executive Director
Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Kathy Staudt
Coalition Against Violence toward Women and Families at the Border
El Paso, Texas

Cynthia Lopez
El Paso Queer Bar
El Paso, Texas

Carlos Spector
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Carlos Spector
El Paso, Texas

Jessica K. Miles
Attorney at Law
Noble & Vrapi, P.A.
El Paso, Texas

Alan Dicker, Paola Fedz, & Ma. de Lourdes Ortiz
Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee

Joanna Bencomo
Director of Organizing
NM Comunidades en Accion y de Fe (CAFe)
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Cemelli De Aztlan
Network Weaver
El Paso Equal Voice Network
El Paso, Texas

Camillo Perez-Bustillo
Director of Advocacy, Research, and Leadership Development
Hope Border Institute
El Paso, Texas

Oscar J. Martinez
Social Justice Education Project
El Paso, Texas

Jan Thompson
Program Coordinator
Las Cruces CIVIC
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Melissa Untereker
Immigration Attorney
Frontera Immigration Law
El Paso, Texas

Gloria Amesquita
Mexicanos en Exilio
El Paso, Texas

Bethany Rivera Molinar
Youth and Family Programs Director
Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach
El Paso, Texas

Oscar Romeo Martinez
Indivisible El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Fabiola Ekleberry
Professional Counselors of El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Samantha Romero
West Fund
El Paso, Texas

Monique Navarro, Lyda Ness Garcia,
and Linda Rivas
Steering Committee
Women’s March El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Maria McCullough
Carambola Community Music
El Paso, Texas

Iliana Holguin
El Paso Democratic Party
El Paso, Texas

Ashley Rodriguez
Democratic Socialists of America—El Chuco Chapter
El Paso, Texas

Kathy Wooten
Adelante Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Mary Gourdoux
El Paso County Green Party
El Paso, Texas

Rick Soto
El Paso, Texas

Laura Ramnarace
Nonviolent Action New Mexico
Silver City, New Mexico

Dr. Cindy Jay
Founder and Owner
Peak of Balance Performance and Wellness Arts
El Paso, Texas

Christopher Merritt
MAXHE Organization
El Paso, Texas

SEIU Texas
Houston, Texas

Tess Ortega
Lead Organizer
Jolt Texas
Austin, Texas

Elaine Cimino
Common Ground Community Trust
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Julio Acosta
DFW Lideres
Dallas, Texas

Olga Kauffman
Board Member
San Antonio, Texas

Kristina G. Fisher
State Chapter Lead
RISE Stronger New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Susan Schuurman
Outreach Coordinator
Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hope Sanford
Migrant Rights Collective
Houston, Texas

Jerome D. Goldberg
Moratorium Now Coalition
Detroit, Michigan

Amy K. Liebman
Migrant Clinicians Network
Salisbury, Maryland

Sherry Wallis
Board Member
Indivisible Oklahoma
Pryor, Oklahoma

Linda M. Salcfas
Community Outreach
Be the Change New Jersey
Union, New Jersey

Edna Yang
Deputy Director
American Gateways
Austin, Texas

Darcy Brazen
Albuquerque Copwatch
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Metro Denver Sanctuary
Denver, Colorado

Hernando County Democratic Club
Hernando County, Florida

Faith Leaders and Institutions

Father Robert Mosher
Columban Mission Center
El Paso, Texas

Rev. Nicole Crouch
El Paso District of the United Methodist Church
El Paso, Texas

Rev. Robert H. Reed
Evangelical Convent Church
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dr. Fredric Brightman
Peace United Church of Christ
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fr. Thomas Lowe
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Rev. Edward Carpenter
St. Joseph Catholic Church
El Paso, Texas

Rev. Michael G. Wallens
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Marfa, Texas

Rev. Dr. Suzanne Redfern-Campbell
Developmental Minister
Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Rev. Dr. Robert P. Reno
Sierra Blanca Presbytery
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Warren L. Robinson
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Rev. Patrick Crocker
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Leila Mattingly
Maryknoll Sisters in El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Maria I. Galbe
Religious of the Assumption
Chaparral, New Mexico

Janet Gildea, SC
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
El Paso, Texas

Margaret Deneweth
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Anthony, New Mexico

Darlene Stoecklein
Adorers of the Blood of Christ
El Paso, Texas

Sister Sylvia Chacon, ASC
Adorers of the Blood of Christ
El Paso, Texas

Suzanne Anglim, DC
Chief of Mission Integration
Centro San Vicente
Daughters of Charity
El Paso, Texas

Francis Hicks
School Sisters of St. Francis
El Paso, Texas

Joannes Klas
School Sisters of St. Francis
El Paso, Texas

Sister Kathy Braun
School Sisters of St. Francis
El Paso, Texas

Sister Betty Keegan
El Paso, Texas

Andres Rene Lopez
El Otro Lado Border Awareness Director
Cathedral High School
El Paso, Texas

Kay Lent
Restorative Justice Ministry
El Paso Catholic Diocese
El Paso, Texas

Grace Grijalva
Peace and Justice Ministry
El Paso Catholic Diocese
El Paso, Texas

Patricia Delgado
Pax Christi El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Ana Ramos
RICO Ministry
St. Mark’s Catholic Church
El Paso, Texas

Elisa Sanchez
Social Justice Committee
Unitarian Universalist Church
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Tom Reilly
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Otero County
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Carolyn Kittle
Board Member
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Roque Orozco
Columban Young Adult Missioners
El Paso, Texas

Sally J. Andrade
Sacred Heart Parish
El Paso, Texas

Susan J. Briner
Southwestern Texas Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
Seguin, Texas

Tina Kachele
Presiding Clerk
Albuquerque Monthly Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rev. Dr. Edward Kern
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
San Antonio, Texas

Jessica Bennett
First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rev. Deborah Hill
Grant Chapel
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Inez Davis
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
Hodgkins, Illinois

Romina Sapinoso
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sr. Joan Brown OSF
Franciscan Sister
New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Eileen Lundy, PhD
Rochester Franciscans
Austin, Texas

Patricia Keefe
Franciscans International
Rochester, Minnesota

Sr. Ann Redig
Sister of St. Francis
Rochester, Minnesota

Sr. Betty Kenny
West St. Paul, Minnesota

Rosemary Palms
Pax Christi of Metro New York
Brooklyn, New York

Marlys Jax
Program Director
Assisi Heights Spirituality Center
Rochester, Minnesota

Adrienne Howard
Education and Youth Ministry Chairwoman
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
San Antonio, Texas

Mary Huettl
Social Justice Committee
St. Ambrose of Woodbury
Woodbury, Minnesota

Linda M. Michon
Our Lady of the Assumption
Claremont, California

Teachers and Scholars (Institution Provided for Identification Purposes Only)
Dr. Christina Morales
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Eva Moya LMSW, PhD
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Elena Izquierdo
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Kerry Doyle
Ruben Center for the Arts
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Dr. William L. Hargrove
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Jeremy Slack
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Prof. Stacey Sowards
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Rebeca A. Perez
Occupational Therapy Program
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Christine Reyes
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Nuria Homedes
University of Texas
El Paso, Texas

Isabel Baca
Associate Professor of English
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Jane E. Evans
Associate Professor of French
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Jules Simon
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Ruben Espinosa
Associate Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

David Knight
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Aurelia Lorena Murga
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Maria Teresa de la Piedra
Associate Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Leanne Alarid
Department of Criminal Justice
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Ophra Leyser-Whalen
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Robert Gunn
Associate Professor of English
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Christina Sobin
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

John Fahey
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Ligia Arguilez
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Everlyn G. Ramirez
UTEP Student Government
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Michael Topp
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Gina Nunez-Mchiri
El Paso, Texas

Amy Bach
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Aurolyn Luykx
El Paso, Texas

Irasema Coronado
El Paso, Texas

Irma Montelongo
El Paso, Texas

Joy Elizabeth Myers
El Paso, Texas

Patricia Juarez
El Paso, Texas

Sandra McGee Deutsch
El Paso, Texas

Kirsten Nigro PhD
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Carla Campbell
El Paso, Texas

Amy Reed-Sandoval
El Paso, Texas

Carina Heckert
El Paso, Texas

Josiah Heyman
El Paso, Texas

Denise Corrales
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Andres Muro PhD
El Paso Community College
El Paso, Texas

Claudia Ley
Art School Coordinator
City of El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Xavier Miranda
El Paso, Texas

Cheryl Carreon
National Education Association
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dr. Charles P. Campbell
Prof. Emeritus
New Mexico Tech
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dr. Mimi Wallace
McNeese State University
El Paso, Texas

Dr. Chris Reyman
Assistant Professor of Music
Institute of Improvisation and Social Change

Maria Jensen
Silver City, New Mexico

Maria Socorro Tabuenca
El Paso, Texas

Celeste Favela
El Paso, Texas

Andrew Montoya
Organizational Specialist
National Education Association
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Martha Loustaunau PhD
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Mattie Kannard
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Megan Ed
Kindergarten Teacher
El Paso, Texas

Hortencia Pina
El Paso, Texas

Edna De La Fuente
El Paso, Texas

Diana Flores
El Paso, Texas

Rosa Linda Ramirez
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Claudia M. Castaneda
Art Teacher
El Paso, Texas

Julie K. Norem
Margaret Hamm Professor of Psychology
Wellesley College
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Joel R. Pruce
Assistant Professor of Human Rights Studies
University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio

Nicole Arsenault
Dance Teacher
Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Carmen De Luna-Jones
Alamo Colleges Brackenridge Education and Training Center
San Antonio, Texas

Aimee Villa
Professor of Mexican American Studies
Our Lady of the Lake University
San Antonio, Texas

Will Payne
PhD Candidate
Department of Geography
University of California—Berkeley
Oakland, California

Caroline Tracey
University of California—Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Glenna Anton
Visiting Scholar
University of California—Berkeley
Albany, California

Sherine Ebadi
PhD Student
University of California—Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Adam Jadhav
PhD Student
University of California—Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Leonora Zoninsein
University of California—Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Anita T. Revilla
Associate Professor
University of Nevada—Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Alexis Handal
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Angelina Medina
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Maria Lopez
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Sheryl Santos-Hatchett
University of North Texas at Dallas
Dallas, Texas

Ingrid Walker
Associate Professor
University of Washington, Tacoma
Tacoma, Washington

Andrew Poulos
Albany, New York

Borderland Residents and Ordinary Americans

Borderland Residents
Amber Weigt Alamogordo
Carolyn Lee Alamogordo
Charlotte DuBois Alamogordo
Connie Breding Alamogordo
Heather Brownell Alamogordo
Mrs. Janette Nowell Alamogordo
Joanne Booth Alamogordo
John Wiede Alamogordo
Michelle Osborne Alamogordo
Patricia Salinas Alamogordo
Westy Barela Alamogordo
Mrs. Janette M Alamogordo
Jennifer Alterson Alamogordo
Joaquin G. Silva Alamogordo
Kristin Butson, LMSW Alamogordo
Margie Burns Alamogordo
Rosario Jones Alamogordo
Rosemarie Ferrara Alamogordo
Sylvia Gross Alamogordo
Tamie Davis Alamogordo
Ann Bagby Alamogordo
Ona Hanson-Gustafson Alamogordo
George Keller Alamogordo
Sonny Villareal Alamogordo
Tanja Burns Alamogordo
Claudia loya Alamogordo
Elena Campos Anthony
Nieves Aldaco Anthony
Martha Anthony
Selene Cobos Anthony
Xochit Valencia Anthony, NM
Kathleen Armendariz Anthony, NM
Cheryl Lamb Canutillo
Lucinda Najar Carrizozo
Mary Chaparral
Barbara Agte Columbus, NM
Eric Lowe Deming
Jasmine Flores El Paso
Bernard Griego El Paso
Melissa Diaz de Leon El Paso
Aaron Venegas El Paso
Abby Pedroza El Paso
Abigail Tarango El Paso
Aisha Aboargob El Paso
Alberto Esquinca El Paso
Alejandro Carrillo El Paso
Alexis Akle El Paso
Alfredo Maldonado El Paso
Alicia Lopez El Paso
Alida Ramirez El Paso
Aline Carr El Paso
Alison Westermann El Paso
Amani El Paso
Amber Ramirez El Paso
Amber Weigt El Paso
Amissa Metcalf El Paso
Amparo Enchinton El Paso
Ana Miramontes El Paso
Ana Reza El Paso
Andrea Beltran El Paso
Andrea Tirres El Paso
Andreina Yee El Paso
Angela Reza Tures El Paso
Angeles Cadriel El Paso
Anna Hey El Paso
Anna Olivares El Paso
Anne M. Giangiulio El Paso
Anne Perry El Paso
Anne Perry El Paso
Annette Morales El Paso
Barbara Mendoza El Paso
Barbara Schmidt El Paso
Belinda Ortega El Paso
Bertha Herrera El Paso
Mrs. Betty Murga El Paso
Blanca Gadney-Moss El Paso
Bonnie Galvan El Paso
Brande Dietrich McLean El Paso
Brenda Barba El Paso
Callie Weston El Paso
Candace Printz El Paso
Carla Flores El Paso
Carol Fonseca El Paso
Carol S. Wallace El Paso
Carol Viescas El Paso
Carolyn Tsutsui El Paso
Cesar Cordero El Paso
Mr. Charles Jones El Paso
Chelsie Hollas, M.D. El Paso
Cheyanne Lozano El Paso
Christi Padilla El Paso
Christina Convertino El Paso
Christina Garcia El Paso
Cindy Barraza-Banuelos El Paso
Claire Serpi El Paso
Clarissa Medrano El Paso
Claudia Yoli El Paso
Claudia Paolla El Paso
Cynthia Esparza El Paso
Cynthia Yepez El Paso
Daisy Arvizu El Paso
Daisy Gómez El Paso
Damaris Cortes El Paso
Daniel Baca El Paso
Daniel Castro El Paso
Daniel Ontiveros El Paso
Daniel Santana El Paso
Daniel Torres El Paso
Daniella Balarezo El Paso
Dave Kim El Paso
David Cuellar El Paso
David Villanueva El Paso
Denise Aranda El Paso
Diana Martinez El Paso
Dinorah McCoy El Paso
Dr. Melissa Wong El Paso
Dr. Nancy Hernandez El Paso
Eduardo Beckett El Paso
Eileen P. Williams El Paso
Elias Gonzalez El Paso
Elizabeth Covarrubias El Paso
Elizabeth Robles, LPC El Paso
Elizabeth Salazar El Paso
Elva R. O’Hara El Paso
Elvis Garcia El Paso
Enrique Rangel El Paso
Eric Sanchez El Paso
Ersela Kripa El Paso
Esther Chavez El Paso
Eugenio Almanzan El Paso
Fatima Masoud El Paso
Felipe Pena El Paso
Mr. Fernando Castañeda El Paso
Frank Hughes El Paso
Gabriela Gallegos El Paso
Gabriela Martínez El Paso
Gabriela Vargas El Paso
Gaspare Genna El Paso
Georgina Gutierrez El Paso
Greg Cannon El Paso
Gregg Martinez III El Paso
Ho Baron El Paso
Ingrid Leyva El Paso
Irma B Colmenero El Paso
Isabel Latz El Paso
Isela Mendoza El Paso
Isela Reyes El Paso
Janette Rodriguez El Paso
Janette Roth El Paso
Jason Ricketts El Paso
Dr. Jean Soto El Paso
Jeanette Walker El Paso
Jeannette Moreno El Paso
Jeff Sirkin El Paso
Jennifer Avitia El Paso
Jennifer Olliges El Paso
Jessica Alvarado El Paso
Jesus Cisneros El Paso
Jewell Crye El Paso
Joel Portillo El Paso
John Garza El Paso
Johnathan El Paso
Jose Luna Jr. MD El Paso
Jose Quintero El Paso
Mr. Jose R. Valenzuela El Paso
Jose Rodriguez El Paso
José Y Pichardo El Paso
Josue Rodriguez El Paso
Judy Lugo El Paso
Julia Duncheon El Paso
Justin Stone El Paso
Mrs. Karen Powers El Paso
Karen Saunders El Paso
Karla Rosario El Paso
Karla Salamanca El Paso
Kassandra Perez El Paso
Kathy Anderson El Paso
Kathy Kapenga El Paso
Katrina Brown El Paso
Katy Brandes El Paso
Kerry Ann Gardner El Paso
Kristine Rubio El Paso
Lanore Stanton El Paso
Larry Sears El Paso
Lauren Fenenbock El Paso
Leila Melendez El Paso
Mr. Lem kar Rodríguez El Paso
Leslie A Wille El Paso
Lilia C Favela El Paso
Liliana Gomez El Paso
Lorena Soto El Paso
Louie Leyva El Paso
Lucia Segoviano El Paso
Luciana Garcia El Paso
Luis Talavera El Paso
Luz El Paso
Madeleine Brunk El Paso
Mando Martinez El Paso
Manuel Ramírez El Paso
Marcelino Medina Alderete El Paso
Margarita Arvizu El Paso
Maria Coronado El Paso
Maria Hart El Paso
Maria Luisa Tirres El Paso
Maria Morales El Paso
Marilyn Rangel El Paso
Marisela Saucedo Akle El Paso
Maritza Nino El Paso
Mark Salazar El Paso
Marl Lusk El Paso
Martha Chavez El Paso
Mary Helen Valles El Paso
Megan Martinez El Paso
Megan Skipworth El Paso
Meghan Rice El Paso
Melissa Barba El Paso
Melissa Lawall El Paso
Melissa Marie Armendariz Riley El Paso
Merlyn Heyman El Paso
Michaela Brasesco El Paso
Miguel Ángel Reveles El Paso
Miguel Mendoza El Paso
Mike and Carol Milligan El Paso
Mindy Jacobi El Paso
Monica Lozano El Paso
Monica Solis El Paso
Monique Alvarez El Paso
Montserrat El Paso
Nancy Hollebeke Sr. El Paso
Naomi Estrada El Paso
Natalie Hall El Paso
Nicholas Anthony Vasquez El Paso
Nikki Skrinak El Paso
Nina Ebner El Paso
Nora Lizeth Medina El Paso
Nydia Reveles El Paso
Mr. Oscar A Juarez Fernandez El Paso
Pat White El Paso
Patricia Green El Paso
Patricia Vera El Paso
Patsy Patino El Paso
Paulina Licon El Paso
Paz Estela Reza El Paso
Pilar Gonzalez El Paso
Raneem Karboji El Paso
Raul Martinez, Veteran El Paso
Ray Ramos El Paso
Rebecca Glaser El Paso
Rebecca Munoz El Paso
Rebecca Rider El Paso
Rebecca Romo El Paso
Rebekah Patnode El Paso
Regina Chavez El Paso
Renata Renova El Paso
Ricardo Boisselier El Paso
Ricardo Gamez El Paso
Rick Vielma El Paso
Robert B Marshall El Paso
Robert Moss El Paso
Robert Murillo El Paso
Roberto Valadez El Paso
Rosa Alcala El Paso
Rosa Vega El Paso
Rose Durden El Paso
Ruben Ortega El Paso
Rubi Orozco El Paso
RubyAnn D. Gaglio El Paso
Salvador El Paso
Samantha Ortega El Paso
Samuel Brunk El Paso
Sangeeta Kurada El Paso
Sarah El Paso
Sarah Guemez El Paso
Sarah N. Martinez El Paso
Sarah Upton El Paso
Senaida Navar El Paso
Sito Negron El Paso
Sonia Wyatt El Paso
Spencer Ruacho El Paso
Stephanie Osburn El Paso
Stephanie Paz El Paso
Stephanie R Gardea El Paso
Stephanie Ruiz El Paso
Stephen Tures El Paso
Steven Roehling El Paso
Susan Barnum El Paso
Sylvia Castaneda El Paso
Sylvia Hernández El Paso
Tonia Hedman El Paso
Vanessa Camacho El Paso
Veronica Aguirre El Paso
Veronica Ceballos El Paso
Veronica Frescas El Paso
Veronica Magalski El Paso
Victor Flores El Paso
Vincent Burke El Paso
Virginia Martinez El Paso
Viridiana Vidana El Paso
Vivian Medellin El Paso
Wendy Van Winkle El Paso
Yanitza El Paso
Yvonne Lopez El Paso
Aaren J. Marroquin El Paso
Adriana Fuentes El Paso
Alejandra Carrasco El Paso
Alyssa Doblado-Barnhouse El Paso
Amanda Vasquez-Vicario El Paso
Ana Flores El Paso
Andrea Gonzalez El Paso
Anna Delgado El Paso
Appolonia Roldan El Paso
Bernadette Segura El Paso
Beth Pease El Paso
Cherish Calero El Paso
Ms. Cindy Gates El Paso
Cristal Martinez Acosta, LPC El Paso
Desiree Manriquez El Paso
Doris Clippard El Paso
Eder Perez El Paso
Edith Flores-Carrillo El Paso
Emmanuel Portillo El Paso
Erica Balderrama El Paso
Gilbert Fernandez El Paso
Irma Cruz El Paso
Janet Kincaid El Paso
Jennifer Urban-Flores El Paso
Jessica Sladr El Paso
Karina Nańez El Paso
Kristen Jimerson El Paso
Laura Márquez El Paso
Mauricio Cisneros El Paso
Melissa Aguilera El Paso
Melissa Mitchell El Paso
Michelle Blumenfeld, MSW El Paso
Miguel Venegas El Paso
Mihaela Munteanu El Paso
Mónica Silva Long El Paso
Mrs. Clara Castrellon El Paso
Myra Garcia, LCSW El Paso
Naomi Fertman El Paso
Nayeli Holguin El Paso
RaeAnn Swanson-Evans El Paso
RC El Paso
Sabrían Zuniga El Paso
Sandra Garabano El Paso
Simon Jemente Jr El Paso
Sona Kumar El Paso
Teresa Nevarez El Paso
Valerie Herrera El Paso
Vanessa Johnson El Paso
Vania Castillo El Paso
Virginia Martinez, LCSW El Paso
María Fernanda Gonzalez El Paso
Lorena Galindo El Paso
Marco Perez El Paso
Maria Salvador El Paso
Victoria A Garcia El Paso
Carlos Lopez El Paso
Roberto Perezdiaz El Paso
Sandra Sujei Salvador El Paso
Zaareth I Pina, Social Worker El Paso
Camila El Paso
Claudia Mendez El Paso
Gabriela Castaneda Mejia El Paso
Iris Morales El Paso
Isela Reyes El Paso
Ms. Marilyn Guida El Paso
Marisol Ramirez El Paso
Martha Minor El Paso
Mary Jane Sepulveda El Paso
Miriam Guerrero El Paso
Christopher Benoit El Paso
Cindy Graff Cohen El Paso
Eduardo Herrera El Paso
Erica Marin El Paso
Hannah Hollandbyrd El Paso
Hilda Baca El Paso
Howard Campbell El Paso
John C McClure El Paso
Luz Luna El Paso
Seki Kim Business Owner El Paso
Dr. Yolanda Chavez Leyva El Paso
Beatriz El Paso
Christopher Bevins El Paso
Denise Heard-Bashur & family El Paso
Emma Romero El Paso
Hilda Ruiz El Paso
Joseph Knapka El Paso
Katia Rodriguez El Paso
Lina Trillo El Paso
Gilbert Trillo El Paso
Martha Rechy El Paso
Dr. Melissa Warak El Paso
Susie Melendez El Paso
Valerie Venecia El Paso
Katherine Mortimer El Paso
Amy Perry El Paso
Jaime Zamora El Paso
Laura Stell El Paso
Mayra Mayorga El Paso
Perla Gonzalez El Paso
Guillermo Grijalva El Paso
Elisandra Garcia El Paso
Ana Martinez El Paso
Priscilla de Mata, Esq. El Paso
Sandra Alvarez El Paso
Eugenia Posada El Paso
Dr. Gary Kieffner El Paso
Mr. Muhammad Karboji El Paso
Mika Cohen Jones El Paso
Emma Mackay El Paso
Lucia Dura El Paso
Aylín Heredia El Paso
Lucila Yamamoto El Paso
Reyna Grijalva El Paso
Isabelle fowler El Paso
Leslie Guzman El Paso
Cat El Paso
Marie Garachana El Paso
Fernando Arias El Paso
Daniel Carey-Whalen El Paso
Denisse Alarcon El Paso
Alejandra Ortiz El Paso
Christina Paz El Paso
Matthew Duran El Paso
Oscar DelValle El Paso
Danielle Mata El Paso
Lyda Ness El Paso
Alejandra Dozal, Therapist El Paso
Karen Chavez El Paso
Destanee Cruz El Paso
Leticia Hernandez El Paso
Noelle Molinar El Paso
Bonnie Lopez El Paso
Sean Diaz El Paso
Gloria El Paso
Susie Aquilina El Paso
Cristina Castaneda El Paso
Karla Cordova El Paso
Marah Abdel Jaber El Paso
Itze Bernal El Paso
Daniella Duran El Paso
Malea McMurray El Paso
Melissa Morales El Paso
Noemy Saucedo-Vinalay El Paso
Melissa J. Cobos Fabens
Sonia Cordova Horizon City
Ana Dominguez Horizon City
Gabriela Sanders Horizon City
Lorri Burnett Horizon City
Alejandro Juarez Las Cruces
Ana Brouwer Las Cruces
Angelica D. Hernandez Las Cruces
Armida Hernandez Las Cruces
Aurelia Holliman Las Cruces
Becky Corran Las Cruces
Blanca Carrasco Las Cruces
Catherine Ratje Las Cruces
Cathy Lady Las Cruces
Coy Lowther Las Cruces
Deborah Las Cruces
Deirdre Price Las Cruces
Denise Chávez Las Cruces
Don McCoy Las Cruces
Dr Ernest Flores Las Cruces
Elaine Paredes Las Cruces
Elizabeth Anichini Las Cruces
Emily Johnson Las Cruces
Eryka Garcia Las Cruces
Mr. Fermin Torres Las Cruces
Georgette Malooly Las Cruces
Guenevere McMahon Las Cruces
Irene Valenzuela Las Cruces
Johanna Esquibel Las Cruces
Juan Daniel Villalobos Las Cruces
Kennan Newtson Las Cruces
Laurie Shade-Neff Las Cruces
Maria A Flores Las Cruces
Marieka Brown Las Cruces
Mary C. White Las Cruces
Mary J Rocha Las Cruces
Matthew Garley Las Cruces
Meg Brauckmann Las Cruces
Michelle Hackney Las Cruces
Michelle Smith Las Cruces
Nancy Mateo Las Cruces
Pauline Hovey Las Cruces
Peter Ossorio Las Cruces
Rorie Measure Las Cruces
Shawna Juarez Las Cruces
Susan Fitzgerald Las Cruces
Tim Reed Las Cruces
Trina Las Cruces
Dr. Vincent P Gutschick Las Cruces
Yolanda A. Silva Las Cruces
Amber Tsougas Las Cruces
Imelda Maynard Las Cruces
Irene Unpingco Las Cruces
Kathleen Sampson Las Cruces
Marcella Sandoval Las Cruces
Maria Rivera Las Cruces
Susan Joanis Las Cruces
Sylvia Bustillos Las Cruces
Teresa Valenzuela Las Cruces
Theresa Jones Las Cruces
Virginia Bell Las Cruces
Maria Ramos Las Cruces
Martha Puentes Las Cruces
Patricia Gamez Torres Las Cruces
Ivan White Las Cruces
Pat Bonneau-White Las Cruces
Char Ullman Las Cruces
Charlotte Las Cruces
Ms. Ella Nelson Las Cruces
Gabriella Banegas Las Cruces
Karen Quintanilla Las Cruces
Meg Gressitt Freyermuth Las Cruces
Linda Peterson Las Cruces
Alta Grace McCullough Las Cruces
Patrick Igo Las Cruces
Gretel Enck Marfa
Joyce Zimmer Mesilla
Renee Beltran Mesilla
Mary Helen Mesilla
Marlane Arciniega Mesquite
Leigh Carr Ruidoso
Francisca A Vasquez San Elizario
Angel Alvarez Santa Teresa
Mrs. Magdalena Hernandez Santa Teresa
Sergio Olivas Jr. Santa Teresa
Sandra Dominguez Santa Teresa
Mr. Valente Hernandez Santa Teresa
Dr. Joyce Asing Cashman Santa Teresa
Prof. Timothy G. Cashman Santa Teresa
Emily Aversa Silver City
Ms. Bethany Tussing Silver City
Charmeine Wait Silver City
Diana Ingalls Silver City
Ellen Silver City
Ms. Jennifer Durkin Silver City
Laura Salvatore Silver City
Lo Passmore Silver City
Maia Chaney Silver City
Paula Wright Silver City
Susan H Porter Silver City
Tom Vaughan Silver City
J.E. Foster Silver City
Catherine Swain Silver City
Kristin Lundgren Silver City
Karina Padilla Rubio Sunland Park
Samuel D. Rubio Sunland Park
Joan E. Price Tularosa
Cayetano Ballin Vado

Other Ordinary Americans
Gary Harris Ada
Áine Brazil Albuquerque
Anni Leming Albuquerque
Erin K Hulse, PhD Albuquerque
Heidi Olsen Albuquerque
Kindra Hill Albuquerque
Dr. Melina Juarez Albuquerque
Odilia Mendez MS, LPCC Albuquerque
Patricia Leah Quezada Albuquerque
Patricia Perea Ph.D. Albuquerque
Rachel Martinez Albuquerque
Ms. Rebecca Sherry Albuquerque
Rebekah Chavez Albuquerque
Reducinda Avila Albuquerque
Sarah Malone Albuquerque
Sarah Ruth Finkel Albuquerque
Amy Kurka Albuquerque
Cathy Sierra Albuquerque
Debbie Cox Albuquerque
Emilie De Angelis Albuquerque
Francine Pacheco Albuquerque
Sarah Hooten Albuquerque
Tabatha Bennett Albuquerque
Teva Gabis-Levine Albuquerque
Alexandra Villegas Albuquerque
Rosanna Villarreal Nelson Albuquerque
Miriam Bennett Albuquerque
Sara Villareal Albuquerque
Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh Alexandria
Eva F. Knight Anaheim
Marlen Anchorage
Nicole Shuyeng Lazo Arlington
Dr. Cita Cook PhD Atlanta
Brielle Heraty Aurora, IL
Alden Austin
Ann Soule, LSW Austin
April Dimitri Austin
Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee Austin
Laurel Crawford Austin
Lindsey Gordon Austin
Lisa ODonnell Austin
Monet Munoz Austin
Norma Herrera Austin
Raquel Guarino Austin
Valerie Bergloff Austin
Caren Betz Austin
Katharine Rovinsky Austin
Roger Parks Austin
Angelica Rodriguez Austin
Alison MacLeod Austin
Sarah Sharpe Austin
Sabrina Squires Averill Park
Christine De Agostini Barcelonnette
Nina Benedetto Bellaire
Erin Torkelson Berkeley
Chris Lesser Berkeley
Nimat Haque Boston
Heidi Winston, RN Boston
Gayle Weintraub Brooklyn
Gita Nandan Brooklyn
Heather Braun Brooklyn
J. Pasila Brooklyn
Rebecca Press Brooklyn
Ms. Kathy Favor Bryan
Libertad Harris Burlington
Jose Buda
Patricia Hamblin Buzzards Bay
Nakuma Garay Calais
Amparo Marquez Castle Rock
Lara Sowinski Cathedral City
Celeste Campbell Carrollton
Maire Psomas-Jackloski Chatham
Elizabeth Lalasz, RN Chicago
Sandi Kadle Cincinnati
Sonia Hernandez College Station
Susan Treneer Cortez
Gabriela Villagana Dallas
Jeronimo Argueta Dallas
Vaneza Dominguez Dallas
Patricia Freshwater Dallas
Shana Khader Dallas
Billie Greenwood Davenport
Sherri Sandberg Davis
Janet Estrada Denver
Beth Keesler Des Moines
Carolyn A Steele East Amherst
Dana Schneider Edgewood
Carolyn Riege El Rito
Alicia Gamez Valdez Elmendorf
Denise Morris Enid
Stephanie Cottom Eugene
Susan OBrien Evanston
Dr. K Burke Fairacres
Sara Forestville
Steve Duffy Fort Stanton
Alisha Rust Fort Thomas
Jack Mooney Frisco
Meredith Miller Fremont
Blaise O’Brien Gilbert
Cynthia Ellison Grand Junction
Kayla Dodson Grand Junction
Mary Muro Grand Prairie
Rocio Gaytan Grand Prairie
Linda H Bryan Harpers Ferry
Kathy Scanlin Hopkins
Gabriela Pena Houston
Zulma Y. Mendez Houston
Maria Trevino-Rodriguez Houston
Sarah Clark Houston
Jose Houston
Carolina Peña Houston
Heather Fortenberry Ithaca
Sandra Enríquez Kansas City
Roberto Vela Kingsville
Ángela Salcedo Miranda Kopavogur
Joshua Danielson La Habra
Ericka Smith La Luz
Rosalie G. Thompson La Luz
Flora Graham La Luz
Mr. Paul G. Duran La Luz
Marcia Brown Lawton
Tracy Callow Leesburg
Lillian Machado Litchfield Park
Mrs. Amanda Cooper Lone Oak
Micah Woodbury Long Beach
Esmeralda Las Vegas
Cecilia Ortiz Los Angeles
Mayra Zubia Los Angeles
Alexandra White Los Angeles
Martina Aguirre Los Lunas
Crystal Spellman DNP, APRN Louisville
Rachelle Delich Loveland
Miguel Torres Lubbock
Felicia Chavando Lyons
Olene Bigelow Maple Grove
JM Mackey/Fieth Maple Valley
Elizabeth Beasley Mayhill
Jenny Smith McKinney
Patricia FitzPatricia, M.D Medford
Elaina Budris Moab
Yadira Ornelas Monterrey
Katharhynn Heidelberg Montrose
Dr. Wendy Rickman Mountain Home
Cheryl Torsney Murfreesboro
Lynda Chick, RN Nehalem
Nicole Smith, RN New Orleans
Caroline Lynch, RN New York
Julie Swift New Braunfels
Julie Learson New Milford
Aggie Busby Norman
Bernadette Krawczyk Norman
Coleen Woody Norman
Deborah Wright Norman
Marilyn Sundstrom North Hollywood
Lisle Holman Oklahoma City
Terri Coulter Oklahoma City
Sharon Campsey Orange
Barbara Craig Owasso
Leona St.Louis Pagosa Springs
Laura Logan Paoli
Charles Gourd Park Hill
Amber Wong Parlier
Julia Almanzan Pasadena
Bill Bradley Philadelphia
Kayle Langford Pittsburgh
Nancy Roope Placitas
Ms. Bianca Olivas Plantsville
Denise Dominguez Pomona
David “Tally” Plume Porcupine
Marta V Martinez Providence
Brandi Sydney Puyallup
Tiffany S. Pinole
Rebecca Strout Pittsfield
Evelyn A. Guzman Steimel Portland
Nancy Coggeshall Reserve
Jackie Callan Rockaway
Erin Johnson Rock Hll
Isis Samaniego Sacramento
Kristin Saginaw
Thuy-Tien Mac Saint Louis
Albert Gemoets Saint Paul
Mana Ly Saint Paul
Angela Ortiz San Antonio
Tricia Glass, RN San Antonio
Zachary Hemmi San Antonio
Meredith Schafer San Antonio
Mrs. Johanna Briones San Antonio
Suraya Khan San Antonio
Juan Tejeda San Antonio
Anselmo Garza San Antonio
Rebecca Gonzalez San Antonio
Ms. Nahid Varjavand San Carlos
Angela Teixeira San Diego
Herendira Alanis San Diego
Cesar Lopez San Francisco
Cherilyn Oshiro San Francisco
Jay Graham San Francisco
Gabriela Wijegunawardena San Francisco
Henriette Ako-Asare San Francisco
Mrs. Hildy Gal San Luis Obispo
Patricia Thiers San Mateo
Anna Pilhoefer Santa Barbara
Ame Solomon Santa Fe
Elizabeth Lee Santa Fe
Jennifer J. Arlin Santa Fe
Tom Costello Santa Fe
Maria Fernanda Echeverria Santa Margarita
Dr. Mary Frances Agnello Schulenburg
Kathy Bidwell Soquel
Judith Ann Vinci Spotswood
Deborah A Salvesen Spring Hill
Linda Halford Springfield
Ariel Welling Stevens Point
Georgianna Wells Stevenson Ranch
Ingrid Mares Sylmar
Renée Smith Tacoma
Darla Wear Tulsa
Zena Blom Twin Lakes
Linda Floyd Valdosta
Dora B Hernandez Vancouver, WA
Carleen Xiong Waukegan
Ana Castaneda Waxahachie
Sandra Villanueva West Covina
Melody Reed Whitewater
Kristine Hansen Woodinville

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