BNHR Responds To Obama’s Immigration Speech In El Paso, May 10 2011

Our initial reaction to the President’s speech in El Paso yesterday:

1. We appreciate him keeping this important issue alive and listening to Americans who are saying the U.S. needs reform now.

2. We would like to see an end to “border security” first policies, because as he said “we are already going above and beyond.” It’s time for something more, something better and something concrete.

3. And lastly, we are disappointed that he continues to deny his power as President of the U.S. to grant administrative relief to hard-working families and students facing deportation. He said only we have the power to make CIR a reality, but he has the power to stop raids and deportations right now.

Watch the entire speech below:

In the spirit of taking the President up on his challenge to step up, I’d like to ask y’all to share your thoughts below.  What did you take away from it? Was there something you wish you had heard? Please let us know.

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