BNHR Held Procession to Remember the 22 Victims of White Supremacy and the 7 Children that Died Under Immigration Custody.


EL PASO, TX – Yesterday, on the day of the dead, Border Network for Human Rights held a procession to remember those whose lives were lost at the hands of a confessed white supremacist. We also remembered with great sorrow the 7 children who died victims of hate, racism and xenophobia.

All these deaths are the result of a failed immigration policy who has demonized immigrants and their families. The words uttered by President Trump against immigrant families and Mexicans, had fatal consequences and his fixation with a useless wall will only increase numbers of deaths.

“Every year on the Day of the Dead, we denounce the 500 deaths of migrants at our deserts and rivers. Today we add the 22 that died at the hands of a white supremacist and the 7 that died because of the racism and xenophobia coming from the White House.” said BNHR Executive Director Fernando Garcia, “Our Immigration system needs to be reformed, our constitution needs to be respected, and the racist, xenophobic narrative must be eradicated from the political discourse. America’s Immigration and border strategies do not have to demonize and kill people.” he added.


The Border Network for Human Rights, founded in 1998, is one of the leading human rights advocacy and immigration reform organizations in the U.S. BNHR has over 7,000 members in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

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