BNHR Calls on Trump to Release Migrants and Refugees in Detention, to Stop Immigration Raids and to Respect the Rights of All

Statement from Fernando Garcia, Executive Director at Border Network for Human Rights:
“As the world is battling a pandemic virus that has already taken many lives and has left us with feelings of fear, uncertainty, and anguish, the Trump administration continues pushing its political agenda and wrongfully blaming immigrants for the health crisis, ramping up deportations, attacking hard-working people who needs assistance during this health crisis and using language which has led to racist attacks.

The Border Network for Human Rights firmly believes that a pandemic health crisis is something to be treated very seriously and should never be politicized to advance any political agenda. We worry that having these families incarcerated will contribute to an outbreak, making it harder for them to access the care they need.”

It is urgent that Trump’s administration takes the necessary steps to safeguard the wellbeing, the rights, and the safety of immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and border residents. In order to do this, the Trump administration needs to take several steps:

  1. To rapidly process and release immigrant families, refugees, asylum seekers that are currently in immigration detention and to guarantee them safe passage to be with family members or sponsor families in the U.S., thus giving them the
    opportunity to take the preventive measures they need to remain safe or to get access to clinics and hospitals should they find it necessary.
  2. To halt all deportations immediately.
  3. For ICE and CBP to stop all immigration enforcement actions (raids, operations) within border immigrant communities. BNHR has launched a public petition.
  4. To provide, guarantee, allow and promote access to health care services and resources to every member of our community regardless of immigration status or nationality.
  5. To adhere to the American values and to respect the human and constitutional rights of everyone, during and after a health crisis. Border Network for Human Rights urges border community residents and families to protect themselves, to know their rights, to not be afraid and to seek emergency health service should they have the need to do it.

President Trump’s lack of accountability and leadership is an affront to millions of Americans who are food insecure, have no health access, and no paid sick leave. We cannot help to worry for the 20% of Texans who lack access to healthcare and for the millions of undocumented immigrants that will fear to approach a clinic or hospital to get tested due to the fear of being arrested and deported, coupled with that, this administration is still moving ahead with its plan to enact strict work requirements on people who use food stamps despite the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Border Network for Human Rights, founded in 1998, is one of the leading human rights advocacy and immigration reform organizations in the U.S. BNHR has over 7,000 members in West Texas and Southern New Mexico

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