Abuse Documentation Campaign 2013

The BNHR kicked off its annual Abuse Documentation Campaign on November 18th. The campaign continues until Saturday, Nov. 23.

We have over 75 locations throughout El Paso County and Southern New Mexico where staff and volunteers are ready to document cases of abuse.
Through this campaign we hope to identify areas of concern within the community. A major emphasis is placed on migrant communities in the United States and preventing any abuse that may be occurring.

If you or anyone you know needs more information or has been abused by local police, Border Patrol, ICE, sheriff, state trooper, Customs (ports of entry) or other federal law enforcement agency please contact any of our area coordinators. They will direct you to your nearest location to document the abuse.

East El Paso
Miguel Miranda — (915) 256-3821

Central El Paso
Martina Morales — (915) 253-7412

Anthony NM
Claudia Diaz — (575)520-8851

Las Cruces NM
Lourdes Vazquez — (915) 805-2698

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