Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the support of these philanthropic organizations whose generosity allows our organization and our border communities to grow in our mission to create the political and social change on the border and in the U.S.

Our current supporters:


Ford Foundation
“The Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organizations on the frontlines of social change worldwide.”





Marguerite Casey Foundation
“Marguerite Casey Foundation exists to help low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all.”







U.S. Human Rights Fund
“The U.S. Human Rights Fund is a partnership of donors that has worked to promote dignity, equality, and opportunity for all people by advocating for the U.S. to uphold human rights values and standards within its borders. It is currently phasing out its current grantmaking and programmatic activities and will close at the end of 2012.”




Open Society Foundations
“The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.”




Catholic Campaign for Human Development
“The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is an instrument of the Catholic Church working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ, ‘… to bring good news to the poor   … release to captives    … sight to the blind, and let the oppressed go free.” (Luke 4:18)”





Four Freedoms Fund
“The mission of the Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) is to secure the full integration of immigrants as active participants in our democracy.”


The following organizations provide funds and resources for BNHR’s civic engagement efforts in the region. This includes helping people apply for citizenship, registering to vote and getting out the vote. All of these activities are strictly nonpartisan.



Democracy Alliance
“We are a first-of-its-kind partnership of changemakers who are committed to a stronger democracy and a more progressive America.”




Unbound Philanthropy
“Unbound Philanthropy is a private grantmaking foundation dedicated to ensuring that migrants, refugees, and their families are treated with respect and dignity; are able to contribute fully in their new communities; and can ultimately thrive in a society that is comfortable with the diversity and opportunity that immigration brings.”






“The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), along with the NALEO Educational Fund, is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization that facilitates the full participation of Latinos in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.”

Four Freedoms Fund
“The mission of the Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) is to secure the full integration of immigrants as active participants in our democracy.”


The New Mexico c3 Table
“To be a member of the New Mexico c3 Table, an organization must be a 501( c)3 non-profit which supports the Table’s operating values and commits to participating in a meaningful way that contributes to the collective goals of the table.”


The Texas Civic Engagement Table (TCET)
“TCET is a Texas non-profit organization that partners with civic participation, public policy, advocacy, and grassroots organizing groups committed to achieving a better, fairer, healthier Texas throughout the development of collaborative communications, nonpartisan civic engagement and policy strategies.”

We also receive a number of private contributions from individuals who care about human rights on the border. On behalf of our border communities, we thank these individuals for their generosity.


These organizations below have funded our work in the past. We gratefully acknowledge their support that helped our human rights committees grow into the Border Network for Human Rights.

Presbyterian Committee of the Self Development of People
Center for Community Change
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
Shaler Adams Foundation
Hill-Snowdon Foundation
Tides Foundation