1 Million Deported Since Obama Became President. 11 People Arrested Tuesday During Protest In Front Of The White House

Congressman Luis Gutierrez and ten immigrant rights activists and religious leaders were arrested at the White House yesterday, for protesting against mass deportations and incarcerations of immigrants, being executed by the Obama administration.

Since Barack Obama took office in 2008, more than one million migrant workers and their families have been incarcerated and deported. Most of them had no criminal records, whatsoever. President Obama doesn’t intend to stop his repressive policies, thus really tough times are coming ahead for our immigrant communities.

Gutierrez was released and made it back to the floor of the House of Representatives in time for the final vote of the day after paying a $100 fine, said the spokesman, Douglas Rivlin. […]

Gutierrez and about a dozen other immigration protesters were arrested after sitting down in front of the White House, in an area where people are supposed to keep moving.

The arrested were part of a larger protest by groups which say that under President Barack Obama’s watch, more people have been deported than under any other president.

This story originally appeared on Carlos In DC Blog. You can see more photos and video at his site.

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